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05 Dez 2023

We have added the following new items:

Clonazepam 2mg
Methylphenidate 20mg Instant Release Tablet
Midazolam Tablet 15mg
Clophedrone (3-CMC) Tablet 200mg
Sulbutiamine Coated Tablet 200mg
Buspirone Capsule 200mg
Isotretinoin Capsule 10mg
Dextromethorphan 200ml Oral Solution (2 mg/mL)

27 Out 2023

We decided to give for free samples on all products.
Simply send us an e-mail at admin@katsulapharma.com with the item you desire.

07 May 2023

We've created 2 store front:

#1 https://katsulapharma.com/packages
#2 https://katsulapharma.com/litecart

10 Mar 2023

Payment gateway is back online.

24 Fev 2023

The payment gateway for mastercard/visa is down.

14 Fev 2023

changes to the site:

The products are still the same.

Inside the pharmaceutical folder you can find in detail the orderbook, the number of units left, prices, and previous purchases (trades) done.

We want to add leverage sometime later to our markets.

27 Out 2022

Website is back online. You can now order again via E-Mail, the links are functional.

22 Out 2022

while several payment processor are compiled and implemented, orders will be updated hourly and processed via email.

29 step 2022

Here is the proof, email Stripe sended us to nuke our account: